SEO Services

We are a Mauritius based specialist SEO agency. The services we offer extends beyond SEO to PPC, web design and copy writing.

Our team of experts work hard to deliver targeted, ethical and sustainable SEO services to a wide variety of businesses in many diverse industries. By combining expertise in writing copy and website design for Search Engine Optimisation with skilled and effective SEO techniques, our brand has become synonymous with high performing web strategy and demonstrable return on investment.

When looking to engage a consultancy for SEO it is essential to consider: experience, knowledge, value and sustainability.

Our reputation as specialists is such that we work with web agencies as well as many national and local businesses.


Technical SEO Services​

S2prod Interactive will require full access to your website to amend all technical aspect of search engine optimisation.

We will take care of…

Keyword SEO Services​

S2prod Interactive will fully research and monitor a large range of keywords across multiple search engines and track competitors movements.

We will …

On-page SEO Services​

S2prod Interactive will check and amend all aspects of on-page SEO.

We will check and amend…

Off-page SEO Services​

S2prod Interactive services continuously improves your backlink profile on a monthly basis. This increases your website’s strength and search engine rankings. Relevance and authoritative marketing is the key to online success.

Authoritative marketing includes…