Small Business SEO

For a relatively low cost, small businesses are able to raise their profile and actively attract customers from a wide (often international) arena.

For many years, paper directories, billboards and radio and newspaper ads were the best options for advertising small businesses. This often limited a small business to working in a localised area. But search engine optimisation is very focussed and therefore differs greatly from โ€œawareness advertisingโ€.

Your listing in a search engine is available when a potential customer enters a keyword or phrase, and they do this when they have a need.

There are many advantages to this method of advertising:


You are not paying for market awareness that remains dormant.



You can increase or decrease the words and phrases that you target for listing your website quickly and easily.

Opening up the market place : Search engines can be used to attract local, regional, national and international customers.

The opportunities for small businesses to grow rapidly with the expert use of SEO are wide and varied. At S2prod Interactive we specialise in the development of SEO strategies to grow business.