Testing Monster Balloons

As you know this page is a test page about testing monster balloons to explain where you should use and at what density you should use keywords.

First of all you should use the long tail keyword exactly the way it is without splitting the words up otherwise it will rank you lower in the search engines.

Always have the keyword as your header of your page like I have above or the exact keyword phrase within your header. In HTML coding you would use this

<h1>Your Title</h1> or <h2>Your Title</h2>

This straight away gives you an extra little boost with the search engines.

I explain more about keyword phrases and where else they should be used later in the SEO Keywords section but for now lets just stick to what we are doing on page.

Now you need to keep the seo spider interested straight away so you need to use your keyword phrase straight away within the first 90 characters. i.e. the first sentence or start your first paragraph of with your keyword like I have above.

Once this is achieved start writing about your topic without without using the keyword again otherwise you will be over doing it. The right time to use testing monster balloons again would be right about now.

As you can see I have used it again. Never use your keyword more than twice in the first 500 to 600 characters, I try and only ever use it once but twice if you have too. But never anymore than that and remember your human audience must come first not the search engines.

For the purposes of this page I have used it once in the first 90 characters and not again until after 500 characters. From then on it is safe to use your keyword throughout your content wherever you like within reason.

It does not have to be one every 500 words for example. View the table below.

Easiest way to do this is to write your page out and count the characters using word count at the end.

10,000 Characters13 Keywords
5,000 Characters8 Keywords
3,000 Characters5 Keywords
1,500 Characters4 Keywords
1,000 Characters3 Keywords

Where do these keywords need to be used?

You always need to use one keyword for the header. One in the first 90 characters. One in a text link if possible that goes to another one of your web pages like the link at the bottom of this web page.

Then the rest of the keywords or in this case “testing monster balloons” keyword that I am using here that are left can be used at any time after the first 500 characters.

This page has over 3,000 characters but less than 4,000 so I am using 6 keywords. One in the header, one in the first 90 characters, one just over half way down, one in the previous paragraph and this paragraph see here testing monster balloons and one at the bottom of this page within a text link.

Now do not worry to much if you go over by one keyword or under by one as long as you keep it within this sort of range your page will be set up perfectly and never have to be tweaked. 

The less content a web page has then the more important it is to get it correct for example a web page with only 500 characters and you should never have less than 500 characters to a page should only use 3 and no more and no less. You have to use one in your header, a link and your first 90 characters. Apart from that do not use anymore otherwise the search engines may think you are stuffing keywords in or any less the search engines may deem this web page to be useless information.

Bonus…….underlining or making a keyword phrase bold also will help your web page ranking but never over do it or just don’t do it at all to be safe.

Hopefully this helps and remember these keywords have to be used in other areas as well to rank your website high and not just your body content.

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