Guaranteed Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted website traffic is what all online businesses need to profit online.

You do not want people looking for dog biscuits ending up at your website that sells umbrellas. Which often happens when you purchase traffic and they use pop ups to advertise your website.

website-trafficIt’s All In The Keywords

If you have set about building your site correctly from the start you should have a list of keywords.

Say your website theme is “ponds”, when you type ponds into a keyword tool, this returns over 800+ keyword results with their demand, supply and profitablity.

Then building your webpages based on these keywords your website grows and attracts traffic from the search engine for all the different keywords you have used.

Base each web page on a different Long Tail Keywords for 50 pages even 500 pages you can imagine the traffic your website can pull in.

This is what guarantees targeted website traffic.

Other Online Methods

Look for forums that are related to your website niche and answer questions leaving a link to your website at the end of your answer.

Not only the person you have answered will be targeted but any other online user that reads it and is interested in that topic will also be free targeted website traffic.

Articles that you write and post at Articles Websites will also bring targeted website traffic as any one that would come to your website would have read your article and would not click to visit your website unless they were interested.

Free Website Directories will always give you guaranteed targeted website traffic as you place the description of your website at these directories when submitting your website.

Writing an eBook and either selling through clickbank or giving it away can create huge amounts of free targeted website traffic.

An eBook would have links within it linking to your website or even your affiliate links within it which can generate income.

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