SEO Link Building Worksheet

When you start a link building campaign you need a link building worksheet to keep track of where you have built links from and whether there are opportunities to return to certain sites and build more links.

Another reason to keep track of what you are doing is that directories that are human edited do not like their time being wasted on duplicate submissions. This can sometimes cause you to be removed from directories.

If you ask someone for a link exchange you want to know who you have asked so you do not look silly by asking again in the future.

If you keep all your link resources in the same format you can use the sort button and it becomes quite easy to see if you have duplicate entries.

Link Exchanges

Keep track of link exchanges where you will have to contact the other webmaster to exchange. These resources can be gathered from many places.

You will find that if you have a new website with a low pagerank other webmaster tend to ignore you or decline your offer. The best way to start with is to build a few quality links from where ever you can, trying to keep them from related websites to yours, this will move you to a possible page rank 2 where you then have a little more power to ask for link exchanges.


It’s an easy way to get a lot of backlinks, their value are more or less interesting and depending quality of directory.

Please find a list of website firectories.


Please refer to our article “Build Incoming Links from Blogs”.


Find related forums and use them to build incoming links. Keep your username and passwords in your worksheet.


It’s definitely the best way to get a high quality backlinks.  You have to find article websites where you can post articles and keep track of their Pagerank, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority and other metrics.

Competitors Incoming Links

Copy your competitions incoming links where possible, use  Ahrefs to check incoming links.

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