SEO Link Exchange (Good)

SEO link exchange programs can be used to really help your link building campaign. These systems can save time, but be sure it is a genuine exchange program and not a link farm.

Building links will increase your search engines rankings, so joining the programs below will only help your website. Just exchange links with decent related websites, linking with all sites will not help you move up the search engine result pages.

A Very Good SEO Link Exchange Program Below

Here is a exchange program, it does not break any rules and help you seek some good related quality links. It’s free to join.


Finding Good Websites To Exchange Links With

You want to exchange links with quality websites, you want the link you build to make a difference to your search engine rankings.

Below are instructions you should follow when exchanging links.

Related Website

Most importantly find websites that are related to your website theme. If your website is about ponds then exchanging with pet, garden, fish, plant websites would help as they are sure to be using some of the same same keywords as you.

Page Rank

Check the websites PageRank (PR).

Check the pagerank of the webpage they are going to place your link on.

The higher their Google’s pagerank the better. If your website is only a pagerank 1 then don’t go expecting to exchange links with pagerank 5 sites. If you can, do it, but they may not want to exchange.

Check other metrics like Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF) on Majestic Site Explorer to get a better overview of your link prospect.


Check the websites rankings.

You can use Alexa traffic rankings. Just type the web address into the box.

1 is the best rank leading down to millions. Anything ranked in the top 5 million are receiving traffic, anything in the top 1 million is always worth exchanging links with.

Your Link Info

Find out where your link will be placed, being on a links page drops the value of the incoming link, the more links going out of one web page the less important the search engines will see it.

You need the link to also come from their home page, 2nd tier page or 3rd tier page; any lower would also really devalue the link and in a lot of cases never even be picked up by the search engines.

Make sure they use the SEO Keywords your home page is based on within the text link or your brand name, not links that say click here.

Add a description below the link using your keywords if possible. If you end up on a links page make it count be having title, description and a link.

Sometimes link to inner pages not your home page, this will help other web pages rank higher in search engines.

How to use SEO Link Exchange Programs to Save Time

What ever you do don’t go jumping in and asking everyone to exchange links with you, this can take a lot of your time up.

Wait for other webmasters to contact you, this saves time and you then know they are serious.

From the two programs above I have the opportunity to create at least 10 to 20 link exchanges a month. This soon builds up.

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