Seo Linking

Seo Linking : The links

One Way Links

The best of the 3 options you see here, one way links mean you do not need to link out of your website.

3 Way Linking

The next best option is having an incoming link but linking out to another website. Having an outgoing link is not great but the incoming link would carry much more weight than if you were to exchange links. But do not link out to websites that maybe doing spam.

Link Exchange

This option is the link that would carry the least amount of weight. But by no means should you not do this.

Seo Linking : The links source

PageRank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow…

PageRank is a good quick measure of the importantance of a website. But it’s not updated since 2015.

Today, it’s more preferable to use other metrics, like PA and DA from SEMRush or TF and CF from Majestic.

If you have not already got MOZ toolbar then get it or use chrome.

The higher the pagerank, PA, TF, CF… the more quality an incoming link would hold.

Incoming links from website with pagerank 4 and above is the main goal.

Though when starting out you may need to start lower until your pagerank has increased.

Related Websites

The more related a website is to your websites theme the more weight the incoming link will carry.


Pond website linking to a pond website – direct competition – Very Good Link
Pond website linking to a garden website – related theme – Good Link
Pond website linking to a fish website – related website – Good Link
Pond website linking to a Car Website – unrelated website – Poor Link

Link Positioning

The position at what your link is placed at a website will also determine the weight it carries.

The Website Position

Home Page – very very good

1 click away from home page – very good
2 clicks away from home page – good
3 clicks away from home page – average
4 clicks away from home page – poor
And so on.

The Page Position

Top of the page – very good
Middle of page – good
Bottom of page – average

Other Outgoing Links

When your link is placed on a web page you need to check out how many other outgoing links there are on that page. The more outgoing links there are to a page the less weight your incoming link will have.

20 Plus Outgoing Links – Very Poor
10 to 19 Outgoing links – Average
5 to 9 Outgoing Links – Good
2 to 4 Outgoing Links – Very Good
1 Outgoing Link – Very Very good


Having your keywords in your link and around your link in the content helps a great deal with the weight of an incoming link.

Keyword rich website + keyword rich web page + Keyword in your link – Very Very Good
Keyword in your Link – Very Good
Keyword rich website –Good
Keyword rich web page –Good
Keywords below or above your link – Very Good
Not having any of the above de-values your incoming link, for example a link that reads “visit here” or “click here” would be better reading visit “Your Brand Name


The more web pages full of content a website has the more weight it will give your incoming link. This is because more keywords are to likely used and the fact that search engines love content.


Writing articles and submitting them to article sites can benefit you hugely. WHY? Because they create a:-

One Way Link
They come from high pagerank websites depending where you submit them too.
The article gets placed in a related category which helps your link.
You never get many other outgoing links on these pages. Keyword rich content and a keyword link as you wrote it.


Joining forums that are related to your website also create a one way link. You find a question you can answer and leave a link to your website at the end. This creates a one way link from a related website where you can add keywords into your answer. Just leave decent informative answers.


Directories can play a great part in SEO linking. There are hundreds of free directories and they create one way links. Plus there are some very high pagerank directories like yahoo and dmoz.

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