Long Tail Keywords

Creating web pages based on long tail keywords will attract traffic and having researched a keyword list at the start of your project helps you know what to write about.

Target each and every single page on a different related keyword phrase will create many web pages filled with keyword rich content, with multiple web pages eventually ranking high in search engines for different search terms can attract lots of free targeted traffic for your business.

This is why Content is King.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Use Googles free keyword planner to find popular searches. This free tool will return results of how many times a term has been searched for on a monthly basis.

The results return other related terms that have been searched for that include the term you entered. All these other terms are long tail keywords. The magic here is to know which ones to use.

 Why are they Important?

Any new website is going to find it more difficult to rank high in search engines for keywords as they have less incoming links and many other factors. Using long tail keywords will get you over this hurdle until you have built some quality incoming links to target more profitable keywords.

Lets explain how to find more profitable keywords…

Lets use word “holidays” as an example.

holidays google result

As you can see from a Google search you have over 800 million web pages to compete with.

Now check searches related results at below. If we choose “cheap holidays deals”, watch what happens

cheap holidays deals google results

Now you only have 101 million web page to compete with.

cheap holidays deals to spain 2017 google results

Now, if i add to spain at the end of my keywords, now we have a little bit more 53 million web page to compete with.

cheap holidays deals to spain 2017 google results

At least, if i add 2017 at the end,  we have less 7 million web pages.

That is long tail keywords

There are thousands of long tail keywords that are related to every main keyword.

Building web pages based on these keywords in total can attract more visitors than the original keyword, making them easier to rank high for in search engines and attract traffic.

Your Website Rankings

Search engines rank you for many different variables of SEO, but let’s keep to just the onpage keyword aspect of things.

Someone searches for “very fast cars

A web page will rank lowest if it only has one of the above words in a web page.

Then second from lowest will be web page that has two of the above words within its web page.

Then next, would be web pages that have the 3 words scattered over the web page and web pages that you have two of the words next to one another.

You may also have web pages that have all 3 words with two of them being together and one being alone like “it was a VERY hot day when these two FAST CARS went flying by”.

Then the best rank would be web pages that have the exact search term of “very fast cars”.

It does not always work like this, one website may have the exact phrase and be ranked lower than another website with just the word “cars”, this is because that website may have 2000 more incoming links for example.

If you keep the exact phrase your website will be ranked its highest position in this SEO variable of many.

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