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Try and post articles at different sites, links coming in from different sites are worth more than links all coming from the same website.

How to Write Articles for maximum seo exposure

In both the SEO Copyrighting and SEO Content Writing sections I showed you how to write web pages to insure maximum onpage SEO. Article writing is pretty much the same.

The only difference is you don’t have meta tags, internal links and external links, this makes life much easier.

Use your Long Tail Keywords in the title, summary and within your content at the correct density and positioning as I explained in my Test Page.

Even though you link from your articles to your website, search engines still take into account how good the seo is on the page the link comes from. Doing this correctly makes the incoming link worth more than just typing away creating articles.

What Will Writing Articles Achieve

Most links coming into your website helps with search engine rankings which is explained in more detail in the seo links section.

Writing articles to gain traffic solely from the link at the bottom of your article is never your main purpose of posting articles at websites. Even though articles can increase your montly traffic slowly but surely over time. Yes the traffic it creates is targeted traffic and not unwanted, but the article can help push your website up the search engines result pages.

The traffic that can be gained from high search engine rankings is worth much more than the traffic gained directly from the article that is posted.

I said above that most incoming links help your rankings, but a link from a website that is related to your website theme will be worth 10 times more than a link coming from an unrelated website. This is because they are sure to be using similar keywords to you.

This is why an article written correctly, the SEO way, will push your website up the search engines result pages.

What makes it even more great is if other webmaster use your article on their website, you gain another link and so on. This one article could end up giving you tens if not hundreds of one way incoming links that are so valuable when building a website these days.

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