What are Keywords ?

If you are a novice to search engine optimisation then finding out what keywords are is one of the most important factors and every single SEO project should start with keyword research and a defined list created before any work is carried out.

Keywords can be more than 1 word, it can be 2, 3 or more, the basics is that a keyword is a term that people use to search for your services or products. 

These keywords need to be used within our content, the SEO spider when spidering a web page understands what that web page is all about and ranks you accordingly for this factor of SEO.

If you plan to rank highly for the word golf and you only use this word once within 2000 words and mention the word ball more, the seo spider would think the web page was more based on the word ball than golf.

If you used the word golf as many times as you could fit it in, the search engines will know you are stuffing the page with keywords and you would be penalised in your search engine rankings or removed completely. Try and at all times right for your human audience but just keep in the back of your mind that this content is based of golf, or gold balls or even a long tail keyword phrase like cheap professional golf balls.

What are keywords and why do I need to use them?

Using keywords correctly throughout your website is important to rank high and more importantly you are targeting keywords that are being searched for on a monthly basis.

We all know that ranking high naturally in search engines means traffic and hopefully lots of it.

Now it must be obvious that you can’t just go and position keywords in your content and reach the top of the search engines. You have a lot of competition and you need to know where else you place these keywords than just within your content. If you want to know how to use keywords, where to use them and what ones to use then visit the SEO Keywords and carry reading the other sections provided.

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